Infuzer is very easy to use. Once installed, anytime you see the Infuzer icon, all you have to do is click and confirm and the event information will be transferred to your calendar.

  • Infuzer is free for calendar users - Infuzer simply requires a quick download of the plug in.
  • Infuzer supports Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google calendars.
  • Infuzer and its partners provide calendar entries for many of today's most popular categories, including weather, holidays, personal travel itineraries, entertainment and sports.
  • Infuzer calendar entries include helpful details about events, such as travel confirmation codes, phone numbers, links to purchase tickets and event summaries.
  • Infuzer automatically updates your calendar entries with the latest event information supplied by our partners by synchronizing your calendar with the Infuzer events database.
  • The Personal Assistant feature enables you to set up permission-based relationships so that other users can add events to your calendar.
  • Infuzer works with all popular synchronization software to transfer events from your desktop calendar to your mobile devices.

Privacy and security

  • Infuzer communicates using Standard HTTP, HTTPS and XML protocols
  • Infuzer poses no threat to the privacy of your calendar because it cannot read any other entries in your calendar.
  • Infuzer cannot allow SPAM into your calendar because it only copies events that you have selected

How it works