About us

Infuzer is brought to you by Infuzer.com, LLC, a technology and services company based in Barrington, IL that helps businesses and organizations more effectively publish, promote and distribute their event content online.

The company that originally developed Infuzer began life as a vehicle to produce and sell business event information on compact disks to readers of the Economist magazine in the U.K. The Internet brought the second opportunity: the business use of calendaring information.

It was discovered - from a number of businesses that staged conferences and sporting events - that content providers and event managers were interested in a tool that could increase their revenue by increasing the number of people attending their events. The challenge for these event-staging businesses was to get people to remember the details of their events.

The realization that no product existed to ensure that event information would find its way into the electronic calendars of potential attendees was the impetus that led to the development of Infuzer.

Today the people who work at Infuzer.com, LLC have learned a lot about organizing and managing electronic calendars. We believe that with Infuzer, everyone can take time and event planning to new levels. We are not satisfied with where the industry is today, so if you have an idea on how we can make Infuzer even better, please let us know.