FAQs for Infuzer

Installing Infuzer

Q. I am having some difficulty installing Infuzer. What is the most common installation issue?

A. The most common issue in downloading Infuzer is with internet browser prompts. Please disable your pop-up blockers or configure your pop-up blockers to allow the following domain names: infuzer.com and dynamic.infuzer.com. The browser also must have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

Q. How can I configure Infuzer for Lotus Notes?

A. Please click here for information on how to configure Infuzer for Lotus Notes.

Q. Does Infuzer have any plans to support web-based calendars?

A. Infuzer is always researching support for the most popular calendar platforms and we may make Infuzer compatible with certain web-based calendars in the future. Stay tuned!

Q. Why does my user name need to be my email address?

A. This is to streamline the registration process and ensure that your login name is unique. Infuzer.com, LLC needs to hold and use this information in order to verify your identity and provide you with the Infuzer service. We will not sell or share your email address or other account information with any third party marketers. We may, however, periodically send you important product updates, platform support information, enhanced feature descriptions, critical functionality issues, etc. Refer to our privacy policy on the website for any additional questions regarding information collection.

Q. If I'm behind a firewall, can I still use Infuzer?

A. Infuzer can operate through most firewalls. Try registering normally first. If that doesn't work, make sure you remember the login details you entered when you first registered, and then download the Infuzer client.

Q. I work for a corporate IT department and we would like to install the Infuzer software on all computers within our organization. Is this in conflict with your terms and conditions regarding commercial use?

A. Enterprise deployment of Infuzer across multiple computers for non-commercial use within an organization is allowed under our EULA. Any organization can download and use the Infuzer product free of charge for the purposes of entering date and time related information that is being distributed by one of our licensed partners.

We define "COMMERCIAL USE" as any activity utilizing Infuzer for material or financial gain; particularly for the distribution of information not offered by one of our licensed content providers. In other words – using the "Link Generator" or "Create Infuzions" features to publish post or distribute commercial messages is not allowed under our EULA.

Please feel free to load the Infuzer product onto the desktops of the computers throughout your organization. If this requires the creation of an MSI installer for automated deployment, we grant this ability and do not consider it to conflict with our "no reverse engineering" clause.

Using Infuzer

Q. How can I tell which version of Infuzer I am using?

A. You can find the version number of Infuzer by right clicking on the Infuzer icon in the system tray (down near your computer's clock) and clicking "About".

Q. Can I use my mobile device with Infuzer?

A. Yes, you can use Infuzer with any internet connected device to add events directly to your Google calendar. Furthermore, you can configure Infuzer's Personal Assistant feature on your device so that it has the capability to act as a Trustee for your desktop Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar. It will synchronize calendar entries in the same manner as the other appointments on your desktop calendar. You can find detailed instructions here.

Q. How can I change my default destination calendar to Google if I am currently using Infuzer with my desktop calendar (Outlook or Lotus)?

A. The next time you click on the Infuzer enabled event from partner site, select "Edit" next to the default calendar listing from the Infuzer event confirmation window. Then select "Google" as the default destination calendar service type, enter your email id for your Google calendar service, and select "next".

You will be presented with the Google's authorization window to allow Infuzer to communicate with your calendar. Fill in requested fields, select "access", and then set your Google default values. Options will include 1) calendar type, 2) reminder time, 3) show events as..., and 4) Privacy. Once you complete the fields, click "Submit".

You will be presented with a new confirmation window which displays a listing of the events to be added to the calendar. Select "Add" and events will be sent to your Google calendar.

* Please note that the existing Infuzer entries that are in your desktop calendar will not be automatically transferred to your Google calendar.

Q. Why can't I see events in my Google calendar that my trustee(s) sent using the Personal Assistant feature of Infuzer?

A. Google calendars cannot receive events sent by a trustee through Personal Assistant at this time.

Q. Why does Infuzer sometimes ask me to log in again?

A. The most likely reason that a user is asked to log in is that he or she has deleted the cookies. Infuzer identifies users and associated account information by using cookies. When users delete the cookies, they are automatically signed out of Infuzer.

Q. Infuzer is putting the events on my Outlook calendar as "tentative". I need to change that to "busy". How can I do this?

A. Outlook users can modify the default status for their Infuzer added calendar entries by using the Infuzer preferences menu.

  • Right-click the Infuzer icon located near your computer's clock.
  • Select "Preferences".
  • Click on "Configure".
  • Select the desired designation from the drop down menu.
  • Click "OK".

Q. How do I review, modify, or change my account details and password and how can I recover a forgotten password?

A. To review, modify, or change your account details; access your account settings page found on our website at Manage Your Account Settings. To recover a forgotten password you may use this link: Recover Lost Password.

Q. How does Infuzer handle updates to events in my calendar?

A. When Infuzer is running on your computer, it synchronizes with our event database every 4 hours. If our content partners have updated any of their event information in our database, the new event details will be displayed automatically in your calendar upon synchronization.

Some partners do not update the database with their new information; rather they update the event information on their websites and event download pages. When this is the case, the details will be updated when you click on the "add to calendar" link, replacing the original information with the updated details.

Q. What is an event.fuze file and why does it sometimes appear when I try to infuze an event?

A. The event.fuze file is a text file with the actual event information to be added to your calendar. Generally you will not be asked to "open or save" the file because it is seamlessly added to your calendar through the Infuzer program. If you receive the “open or save” prompt, you have most likely uninstalled the Infuzer program from that computer and must re-download it to be able to seamlessly add events to your calendar. Click here to re-install Infuzer.

Q. Is Infuzer required to launch automatically when I start my computer?

A. Although we recommend allowing Infuzer to run upon computer start-up, we have recently upgraded the Infuzer software to offer users the option to disable this feature. In Infuzer 1.15.0 and higher, right click on the Infuzer icon located near your system’s clock, and select Preferences. The disable option is displayed in the notification area menu. If you need to upgrade to the latest version of Infuzer, please visit our download page.

Q. Can I add Infuzer functionality for a second calendar platform?

A. To add support for another calendar platform, please visit our download page to open and run the set-up process. Select "Add Calendar Support" once the program opens and follow the prompts.

Q. How do I uninstall Infuzer?

A. To uninstall Infuzer, please visit our download page to open and run the uninstall process. Additionally, you may use the Windows uninstaller on your computer, generally located in your control panel options under "Programs" for Vista and Windows 7 or under "Add/remove programs" on Windows XP and earlier platforms.

Q. Why can't I see my weather subscription in Google calendar?

A. This feature is not available for Google calendar users currently.

Using Personal Assistant

Q. What is Personal Assistant?

A. Personal Assistant is a feature that allows you, as an Infuzer user, to designate and authorize someone (known as a Trustee) with the ability to infuze events from another location, directly into your calendar.

A Trustee is an individual whom you trust completely to use discretion and thoughtfulness when it comes to your most precious commodity – your personal and professional time.

Note: For the Personal Assistant feature to function, it is necessary for both the Trustee and the Calendar Owner to be logged into Infuzer.

Q. What is a Calendar Owner?

A. A Calendar Owner is an Infuzer user who designates and authorizes someone (known as a Trustee) with the ability to infuze events from another location directly into the Calendar Owner’s electronic calendar.

Q. How do I add a Calendar Owner?

A. You cannot add a Calendar Owner. You become a Calendar Owner automatically when nominating a Trustee.

Q. What is a Trustee?

A. A Trustee is someone whom an Infuzer user designates and authorizes with the ability to infuze events from another location directly into the Calendar Owner’s electronic calendar. Once you nominate a Trustee, he or she will be sent an email informing him or her of your request.

Note - Once a nominated trustee acts on the invitation email, an acceptance or decline message will be sent to the email address you use as your user name. Please make sure you are using a valid email address as your user name. To check your account details or to correct your email address, click here.

Q. Why does the User name & Email address column show a Trustee as *not registered*?

A. *not registered* is a reference assigned to a Trustee who has not yet downloaded and registered the Infuzer software. You may want to advise the Trustee about your nomination to be a Trustee. The Trustee's user name and email address will display and the status will change from "Waiting for authorization" to "Active" after the Trustee has installed Infuzer and accepted your nomination.

Q. Does a Trustee have to be an Infuzer user?

A. A Trustee doesn't have to be an Infuzer user at the time of nomination. When a Calendar Owner nominates a Trustee, the Trustee receives an email with an invitation to become a Trustee and a request to activate an Infuzer account using an assigned user name and password. The Trustee will use this user name/email address and password to log in to the Infuzer website in the future. This page also contains a button for downloading Infuzer. Clicking this button starts the installation of the software. After the Trustee has installed the Infuzer software, he or she will be an Infuzer user. After registering, new users can change/modify their passwords on the my account page.

Q. If an Infuzer user has nominated me as a Trustee, can I nominate that user in return?

A. Yes, you can nominate that Infuzer user as a Trustee.

Q. Is there a limit on how many Trustees I can nominate?

A. No, there is no limit to the number of Trustees that may be nominated.

Q. I know that an Infuzer user nominated me to become a Trustee, but I haven't received the nomination email.

A. The Infuzer user may have entered an incorrect email address for you during the nomination process or your email service provider may have delivered the nomination email to a junk or spam folder in your mailbox.

If you cannot find the nomination in any of your mail folders, contact the Infuzer user who nominated you. Verify your email address with the user and ask them to nominate you again.

If you are currently logged into your Infuzer account, please visit your my calendar owners page and you may accept/refuse the nomination from there.

Q. Can I change the password I received in the nomination email?

A. Yes. The password in the nomination email is randomly assigned by the system for security purposes. Once you become an Infuzer user, you can change the password to your preference. To change a password, go to the home page on the Infuzer website. Under the "my infuzer" heading, click the "my account" link. On the “Account details” page, click the Change account details link. On the “Manage your account details” page, click the "Change password" link. Fill out the form on the "Change your password" page and click the "Update Password" button.

Q. What happens if I attempt to infuze an event into a Calendar Owner's calendar when the Calendar Owner is not logged in?

A. The event will appear in the Calendar Owner's calendar once he or she has logged in and the Infuzer application has synced with his or her account.

Q. What happened to the "Allow Silent Infuzion" option for Trustees?

A. We removed this option to ensure that the most up to date information was being received into the Calendar Owner's calendar.

Q. How do I infuze events into my Calendar Owner's electronic calendar?

A. When you click the Infuzer icon next to the event you wish to send to a calendar owner, a selection box will appear listing all of your Calendar Owners. Select any or all of the Calendar Owners and yourself if appropriate, and then click the "Infuze" button.

A confirmation window will display letting you know that your infuzion(s) was submitted. The event will be infuzed automatically into the Calendar Owner's calendar upon their next scheduled synchronization.

Q. Can I infuze weather forecasts with Personal Assistant?

A. No. Weather cannot be Infuzed to a Calendar Owner using Personal Assistant.

Q. I am using Internet Explorer 7 and Personal Assistant does not seem to be adding events to my calendar, what should I do?

A. Users need to add Infuzer as a trusted site and make a change in their Internet Browser Settings, which will apply only to Infuzer event processing. This will not affect your security settings for any other sites on the internet.

To adjust your settings, follow the instruction below:

  • Launch Internet Explorer.
  • From the Tools menu, select "Internet Options".
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Under "Select a zone to view or change security settings", please select "Trusted sites".
  • Click on the "Sites" button and uncheck the box "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone".
  • Type in the domain name "infuzer.com" and click the "Add" button.
  • Type in the domain name "dynamic.infuzer.com" and click the "Add" button.
  • Click "Close".
  • Next please click "Custom level...".
  • Scroll down to the heading "Downloads" and change the setting "Automatic prompting for file downloads" from "disable" to "enable".
  • Click "OK".

Travel-Specific Questions

Q. How does Infuzer handle time zones for travel itineraries?

A. Each entry in your calendar is the result of an independent Infuzer event (form) created specifically for that travel segment. The creation of these Infuzer events and their details is the responsibility of our licensed partners. Some travel partners code their segments to include time zone data, while others do not.

Most of our travel partners typically derive the segment’s time information directly from an airline reservation system or traveler’s itinerary record, in which the departure and arrival times are listed in local time (since our travel information partners do not incorporate time zone data into their code). As a result, Infuzer will enter a segment into your calendar in “absolute time” (the listed time of departure, not adjusted for your current computer's time zone setting) and will move within your calendar if you modify the time zone setting on the computer during travel.

A few of our partners are designed to handle time zone coded travel information and manage it during travel. Infuzer will read and adjust the time in the calendar using the segment’s Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) offset, as well as the computer’s time zone setting.

Q. Which segments from my itinerary will be displayed in my desktop calendar when I infuze an itinerary?

A. Infuzer provides our licensed partners with the ability to configure any of the time or date sensitive segments in an itinerary to be added to your calendar. However, the particular type of segments and the associated details of these entries are entirely left to the discretion of our partners.

Q. What happens to my itinerary in my calendar if my itinerary changes?

A. At this time, no modifications are made in your calendar unless you re-visit and re-download the itinerary from your travel information provider. Updated itinerary data will populate into your calendar and the original itinerary data will be removed (if you have not uninstalled and reinstalled Infuzer since the original details were added).

Error Messages and Troubleshooting

Q. I received an error message asking me to contact support. What should I do?

A. Please look below for the solution to the error message you have received. If your specific error is not addressed, please send an email to support@infuzer.com with the following information and we will gladly assist you:

  • From which website you are trying to add information.
  • Which browser you are using, including version.
  • Which operating system (Windows XP) is running on your computer.
  • Which Calendar System you are using.
  • A detailed description of the problem you are having.
  • A screenshot showing the error message.

Q. I keep getting a window that advises a program is trying to gain access to my address book in Outlook. Why does Infuzer keep trying to access my Outlook contact list?

A. Rest assured that Infuzer is not trying to access your address book. What you are experiencing is a security feature that Microsoft introduced as part of their ongoing battle against viruses. It is associated with the "Object Model Guard" as part of the Outlook E-mail Security Update and will not compromise your personal information. Most instances of Outlook no longer trigger this message, but if you still experience it, please check your settings in Outlook.

To check your settings in Outlook, go to: Tools > Options > Security > Security Zones. Then select "Internet" from the drop-down box.

Q. I am getting an error box which reads "Infuzer cannot connect to your chosen calendar at this time..." what should I do?

A. This error is usually easily corrected by using our repair feature located on our download page. If this does not correct the issue, please send an email to our support team at support@infuzer.com with the details of your computing environment.

Q. I received an error stating: "Infuzer cannot process the events you selected because they contain invalid information. Please contact Infuzer support... with the details of the event you selected".

A. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that can be fixed by our staff because it is an error caused by incorrect code generation from our partner’s site. Please email support@infuzer.com with the link to the page containing the incorrectly formatted event information and we will work with our partner to correct the issue.

Q. I am receiving a "Cross Site Scripting" (XSS) message from Internet Explorer which prevents me from downloading Infuzer and the events I want to add to my calendar. What can I do?

A. Open your Internet Explorer browser and on the "Tools" menu, click “Internet Options” and select the "Security" tab. Click "Internet" on the Security tab, and click the "custom" button. In the listing of options, look for “XSS Filter” and disable that selection. Once the calendar entries have been downloaded, you may re-enable the XSS filter if you choose.

Q. Why can't I click on URLs in my calendar entries?

A. If you are a Lotus Notes user, you should be aware that when you open any calendar entry to view the contents, Notes opens it into edit mode. In this state, URLs are not live. To toggle out of edit mode and enable the URLs, press CTRL E. For all other calendar platforms that Infuzer supports, URLs should always be live.

Q. I have duplicate records in my calendar. How can I get rid of them?

A. Duplicate entries usually mean that your Infuzer calendar synchronization component became corrupted in some way. This usually occurs when a user has uninstalled and reinstalled Infuzer. When this occurs, all entries in a user’s calendar that were present prior to the uninstall procedure have become disassociated with the Infuzer database and will need to be manually deleted. If you have many events that you wish to delete and your calendar platform of choice is Outlook, there is an easy way to manage your calendar entries.

From your Outlook Calendar page, select VIEW > ARRANGE BY > CURRENT VIEW > BY CATEGORY and then click the "+" next to "Categories: Infuzer events" to expand the category and manage your events.

Q. I am having problems getting the events to load. There is a brief flash and it seems to work, but I get no confirmation windows. What should I do?

A. Sometimes the confirmation window is hidden in the background, but you should see it listed in your task bar at the bottom of the screen.

If you are still experiencing issues, please delete your temporary internet files. This usually clears up any issue. To clear your temporary internet files, select Tools > Internet Options > General from your Internet Browser of choice and delete all "Temporary Internet Files".

For users of Infuzer v1.14, if this does not correct the issue, please use our repair feature located on our download page.

Q: When I use Infuzer with Lotus Notes, a dialog box pops up, and I have to enter my password each time. Is there a way to avoid this?

A: Depending upon your Lotus notes configuration, some users will be required to configure Notes to allow Infuzer to "use" the password to work properly.

Users of Lotus Notes v.7, v8 and v8.5:

  • Click File > Security.
  • Under the tab "User Security" check "Don't prompt for a password from other Lotus Notes-based programs (reduces security)".

Users of earlier versions of Lotus Notes:

  • Click File > Tools > User ID.
  • Check the "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs" box.